Mysteries are the Best!

Yesterday it rained heavily, which means that I was able to see some amazing things. The thunder was so powerful and it made me realize how powerless I am. I wasn’t scared or anything, because I just feel that God is taking care of me. Everything is meant for a reason, I may not know what reason, but I have to trust that God will deliver me. Well, the children tried to fish out a crab they killed from the soon-to-be second pond. They also tried to recapture a yellow from from yesterday, who also resides in the soon-to-be pond. This was such an amazing experience because as I child I was never in an environment where such creatures roamed freely. Don’t get me wrong, my experiences were magical in their own way. I admired the details of a crab’s legs from the seat adjacent to the man eating the sea soup. I bonded with my dissection frog as I imitated it’s natural leg motions using my forceps. Jajaja! Keeping positive!

My mom loves natural medicine which is why I got so excited when Kamela (one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met!!) told me about different leafs and their healing effects.Today, I collected a few leafs that Kamela had showed me (they taste like mint…) and washed them. While gazing at the amazing view from the porch, I felt some discomfort on my sleeve. “It must be a phantom mosquito” I thought, since there was no bug on my sleeve. I blew on it just to be sure. The discomfort then turned to pain. “Maybe it’s a new mosquito bite?” I lifted my short sleeve a little but didn’t see anything. Again, I needed to double check. This time, I saw a huge red/orange ant on my skin (I’m actually not exaggerating about it being huge…) and tried to take it off. I tried to flick it off but it didn’t budge, so I had to grab it with my index finger and thumb! Guess what…it bit my finger!! No Joke! I’m usually pretty calm about bugs, but this one freaked me out with its persistence!! I had to wipe it on my pants to get it off, and even then I had to rub it onto my pants, then flicked its motionless body off.

My mom once told me that during her visit to my dad’s sabbath school class, one child had asked if it was wrong for us to kill bugs. She had no answer seeing as how her own children had never asked her this question before (we all agreed that the answer to this question was obvious so we never asked). She said that in the heap of her desperation, her wise husband jumped in and said that it depends on the situation. You have to remember that bugs have a family as well and it is wrong for us to deny them a life. If they are harming you, then yes, it must be done, but if they are not, just let them be.

At that moment, I’m sorry but I didn’t care. I was desperate to get it off me. I tried as best I could to kill it!! I then power walked to the kitchen (wanted to regain some sort of composure in front of the children) and washed it with soap and water. Oh, I didn’t cry, so I couldn’t use my tears as an antiseptic 😉

Before I flicked it’s lifeless body off my pants, I was able to get a good look at it. It was red/orange, kind of like plastic orange. It was larger than normal ants (had it not been huge I would have thought it was a fire ant). There was no burning or swelling on nor around the site of interest. Some web sites I read said that ant chemicals are water soluble, so washing it was a good move 🙂 *high five myself* I’ve been searching the internet to find the mysterious type of ant that so eagerly bit me! I’ll take a pic later to show you because I know I’ve seen lots of them around.

I feel good, not about surviving my close encounter with nature, but about having an amazing God. He is taking care of me just like he promised. This is something I take for granted. I make silly decisions with the assurance that God will always protect me and I completely neglect to show and to tell him that I  appreciate His love. It’s doesn’t just stop at the deliverance from the mystery ant (some ant bites actually decrease fevers, so it could be that I was to develop a fever and this was God’s health care…no? too much imagination??), it’s the deliverance from stomach problems due to drinking fresh cow milk (I’m actually lactose intolerant and I saw the fat drops in my cup….tasted pretty good), it’s the deliverance from lice (most children I’ve met have lice and I just barely found out :O …Ehh, I’ll cut my hair short if it happens Pixy cut!…or dare I shave it all off?? 😀  ), it’s saving me from potential car crashes (you have to honk at the car in front of you if you’re trying to pass them, then get on the opposite lane and drive super fast before a car coming the opposite way gets too close) and so many more I’ve forgotten about or aren’t even aware of!!! Thank you Heavenly Father for your love and care! ❤

P.S. if you happen to know this type of ant, please let me know its name and any info about toxicity. I like a good mystery 🙂


3 thoughts on “Mysteries are the Best!

  1. I’m jealous of the weather in india! I love your frog imitation! I love that you are learning multiple properties of plants 😀 I agree with your father’s thoghts about bugs. Your blog post is super positive! I’m glad!

    • The weather is nice right now 🙂
      I’m trying to avoid taking drugs because drug resistance is no fun…
      I’m glad you think it’s positive! In the end, it’s all just about how you see the situation 😉 Hope you’re doing well in the Heights!!

  2. I can’t believe you freaked out Ruth! =D lol, I don’t think Ive ever seen you get scared about bugs! I would have dropped and rolled =) Just kidding =) It’s so cool how youre learning about the medicinal leaves! plants and herbs are amazing huh! =) You know…..remember how you wanted to try the pixie cut? haha if it happens, when will you get a better chance!!! =)
    Be safe Ruth, =), ill pray that your body continues to stay strong!!! =)

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